A Surprising Side Effect of The Covid Vaccine

In that abandoned K-Mart on that day, nobody cared who I was. They didn’t care why I was here or where I was from, but they were going to take care of me. Because we were all here for the same reason: the pursuit of a new freedom.

He goes to prepare the shot. I look away. I don’t like needles. I don’t want to see what he’s doing. He could have put bleach in that syringe I would never have known. My eyes are probably already closed at this point. I don’t remember. And then he very peacefully kneels next to me and he quietly asks me if I authorize him to administer me this medication. It was a solemn question. I give him a solemn yes. It is a solemn moment. Then, the little pinch on my upper arm. As previously stated, my eyes are definitely closed at that point and during the following 3 seconds, memories of the past year start to flash. Did I make that happen or did it just happen, I’ll never know, but these were the scenes: Pushing my son on the swing every afternoon during the lockdown frantically checking the latest evolution of the curve on my phone. My baby daughter getting up on her own two feet for the first time, with the biggest smile on her face, not a clue of what’s going on. My wife and I having a drink on a terrace at night during the summer like it was the first time we ever went out. The walls of our house. The chyron of MSNBC. The number 2020. Pouf. The pinch is gone.



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