The Final Nail in the Coffin of COVID will be Medicare for All

With 24% of its federal budget, the US government only covers 28% of all healthcare costs in the country. In France, with 36% of the national budget, they cover 78%.

“America can’t afford it.”

*Source CDC, CBO, OECD **Source Ministère de la Santé, Le Figaro

It’s unclear if limiting one’s potential wealth for the greater good is an idea that can find a place in the American society. Yet, Medicare for All could be exactly what’s needed right now to bolster small businesses and keep alive the free-enterprise spirit that has always made this county so great.

Of course these are all average numbers and comparing countries with such different history, geography and populations comes with limitations. Cost of life and salaries are overall higher in the US, so it makes sense that healthcare costs more too. And the French system isn’t perfect either. Just last year, doctors went on strike complaining about a lack of resources in their hospitals.



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